Acquia Platform for Digital Commerce Experiences

The fastest way to positive buyer experiences.

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Easier, Open Platform Integration

  • Leverage the flexible solution that can adapt to your existing systems.
  • Integrate engaging content into your shopping experience.
  • Build and manage dynamic brand experiences easily on a secure, scalable, and reliable platform.

Personalization at Scale

  • Get to know your customers through rich data collection from any source.
  • Respond to buyers in real time with relevant content and suggestions.
  • Personalize the customer experience across any channel or device.

Speed to Value

  • Easily implement through a native cloud platform.
  • Enable digital teams to put ideas into action without the need for technical resources.
  • Take advantage of content management, governance, and workflow to deploy quality content quickly, dependably and on brand.

Stephen Powers, vice president, research director at Forrester Research, discusses how creating a content-first organization improves metrics and drives revenue through exceeding customer expectations.

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Acquia Platform Features for Digital Commerce Experiences

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    Unified Customer Profile

    Get a single, comprehensive view of every anonymous and known visitor’s profile and behavioral data in real-time across sessions and devices.

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    Content Management & Distribution

    Unify content and commerce, and create a shopping experience that increases engagement and conversions.

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    Personalized Content

    Target customers with contextual and personalized content from an intuitive drag-and-drop UI to deliver buyer experiences across channels and devices.

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    Easy Authoring & Workflows

    Intuitive inline editing and flexible workflows mean marketers create better content, faster, with Drupal.

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    Commerce Integration

    Integrate the power of Drupal with your existing Commerce solution to enhance your online product pages and catalogues, and embed the shopping experience into your branded content and media.

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    Cloud Platform

    Take the burden off IT and run your content and commerce experience operations on a scalable, reliable cloud infrastructure.

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