The Power of a Unified Platform: How Two Leading Companies Achieved Operational Efficiency at Scale


CI&T and Acquia are coming together to tell the success stories of Astellas Pharmaceutical and Commonwealth Financial Network (CFN), two large organizations that created their own unique brand of governance and multisite management to achieve astounding results.

Creating and managing one site is easy, but what if you need to create and manage hundreds of sites? Add tight deadlines, large complex teams on top of that, and the need for brand consistency, and you’ve got an overwhelming challenge when it comes to delivery and managing all of your sites. This is where a unified platform coupled with a governance approach comes in.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How CFN created a platform and a team to reduce site development time by 50% and how a team of 5 employees are able to holistically serve 1,900 advisers and staff to help create and maintain their sites.
  • How Astellas achieved brand consistency across all of their global sites and were able to launch their corporate site ahead of schedule.