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Yiddish Book Center


The Yiddish Book Center’s mission is to rescue, translate, and disseminate Yiddish books and present innovative educational programs that broaden understanding of modern Jewish identity. The Center has rescued more than a million Yiddish books, and is in the process of digitizing every title. It has a collection of Yiddish Audiobooks, and of archival recordings of Yiddish lectures; and a growing library of more than 600 in-depth video oral histories, in both English and Yiddish.

The previous website revealed little of this breadth of activity; and most crucially, the collections which are at the heart of the Yiddish Book Center's mission were only linked to from, but could not be seen on, its own site; variously hosted on the Internet Archive, YouTube, and SoundCloud. And the Center’s previous CMS was limiting, particularly in supporting Yiddish language throughout the site.


Acquia partner Cogapp moved the Center’s site to Drupal, opening up the opportunity to integrate the Center’s mix of internal databases, the Internet Archive, SoundCloud and YouTube into the main site. Several digital strategy and stakeholder workshops were held along with user research to develop the experience and UX. Deploying on the Acquia Platform made it simple for Cogapp and the Center to collaborate across a distributed team with varying levels of technical ability, to accelerate delivery and ensure security.


In the initial months following launch:

  • Page views were up more than 45%
  • The bounce rate was down by 10%
  • Searches have increased almost fourfold

The new site is attractive, user friendly, on-brand, and fully responsive.

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