Acquia Engage Award 2016 Winner



Today, Xerox is much more than a printer and copier company. Known as one of the most iconic brands in the world, Xerox recently went through a major brand transformation. Digital was the cornerstone of this transition, and a new became the catalyst for the brand’s relaunch.


Acquia worked with Xerox to jump start Drupal development, a new creative design, and a fresh content strategy. Acquia and VML, a digital agency, worked closely with Xerox’s technical teams to tackle complex issues like language fallback, performance enhancements, and Content Delivery Network integration.


  • 419% increase in clicks from homepage into website
  • 11% increase in sale inquiries
  • Time on site up 5%+ in U.S. & Services
  • Services mobile visits up 7% over prior week
  • 33% increase in brand credibility as a BPS provider
  • 30% increase in likelihood to take action about Xerox BPS
  • 20% increase in receptivity to have a conversation with Xerox on BPS
  • 77% thought Xerox provides services to help company business process work better

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