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Wilson® Sporting Goods Wins Experiential Commerce with Drupal and Magento

Wilson Sporting Goods

For over a hundred years, Wilson® Sporting Goods has outfitted both professional athletes and weekend warriors.

As the largest sports equipment manufacturer in the world, the Wilson family includes iconic brands such as Louisville Slugger, Demarini and Atec. Whether it’s on the court or the field, Wilson equips some of the greatest athletes on earth.

Today, consumers brands want to tell stories about their products while selling directly to the customer. According to PwC, 52 percent of consumers visit a manufacturer’s website with the intention of making a purchase, and a third of consumers prefer to buy online. A study commissioned by Digital River finds that 76 percent of brands that launched a direct to consumer commerce channel have either met or exceeded revenue targets. In order to create a direct channel for consumers, Wilson recognized the need to reinvent their commerce platform. To provide their customers with the most engaging shopping experiences to date, Wilson looked to digital agency HS2 Solutions and Acquia to lead a Drupal and Magento integration.

The Challenge

Today eCommerce is no longer strictly transactional. Brands must provide the correct blend of functionality and storytelling to keep online customers engaged. To successfully market their products online, Wilson needed the ability to embed content into the customer’s shopping journey while retaining the capabilities necessary to compete in the commerce market. However, a siloed digital platform prevented Wilson from successfully integrating their eCommerce solution and Content Management System (CMS). Additionally, an outdated CMS could not provide responsive design for mobile devices, alienating 81 percent of consumers who use their smartphones to influence purchase decisions.

Wilson needed a global solution that would seamlessly integrate content with commerce, while making responsive design a priority. A Magento and Drupal integration would provide the open source solution to establish Wilson as a leader in experiential commerce.

The Solution

Wilson married the abilities of Drupal as a CMS and Magento as the eCommerce engine to provide their customers with highly engaging shopping experiences. Wilson was able to manage all of their technical systems under one platform for the first time on Acquia Cloud. With seamless integration between Drupal’s CMS, Magento’s eCommerce functionality, and their prefered Product Information Management and Customer Relationship Management tools, Wilson was positioned to rapidly deploy and manage content rich commerce experiences at scale. To kick off the platform build, Acquia provided an architecture workshop to share best Drupal development practices with Wilson’s team. Acquia’s team of technical account managers have also helped Wilson with code deployment and technical support as they build their experiential commerce platform.

In partnership with HS2, Wilson was able to develop a digital strategy that relied on patterns instead of pages. Each brand, product and sport under the Wilson umbrella carries its own distinct design aesthetic. In order to accommodate this vast array of stylings, HS2 helped Wilson conceptualize content in grids instead of traditional html pages. Not only did this strategy enable Wilson to best govern design efforts across multiple brands, sports and product pages, but it also established a mobile-first approach. This new strategy enabled content teams to better incorporate storytelling into product pages while maintaining the scalability needed to look great on responsive devices.

The new www.wilson.com built with Drupal and Magento on the Acquia Cloud

Not only do users come to Wilson.com to purchase equipment, but they also rely on the site for content and information about their favorite players and teams. For Wilson, publishing relative content is a time sensitive process. Marketing teams need to be able to reliably publish content when the Cubs reverse their World Series curse, Serena Williams clinches another Grand Slam, or Clemson beats Alabama in the College Football Playoff Championship. On their previous CMS platform, content creation was a laborious process that required extensive expertise from technical teams. With Drupal’s improved authoring experience, digital marketers and product managers can create content and manage product pages. Magento content can also be consumed within Drupal, enabling marketing teams to run campaigns launches from start to finish without excess IT support.

Wilson was also able to move each brand from disparate websites onto one platform that deploys a single Drupal code base. Wilson now delivers a cohesive digital system for each of their brands. With a Drupal and Magento integration, Wilson can offer their customers a single cart solution, allowing users to enjoy multi-brand shopping experience as they navigate each of Wilson’s individual properties. Baseball fans can add a state-of-the-art Dustin Pedroia glove from Wilson and Louisville Slugger bat to the same cart. Not only does this enhance user experience, but the single cart solution also reduces maintenance costs.

The Results

With Acquia and HS2, Wilson is able to integrate content and commerce to provide customers with an engaging shopping journey. Leveraging Drupal and Magento, Wilson can now deliver experiential commerce on any device, taking their digital presence to the next level.

  • Revenue has improved by 10 percent on site and by 44 percent on mobile
  • eCommerce conversion has improved by 14 percent on site and by 39 percent on mobile
  • Average session duration has increased by 3 percent
  • Bounce rate has decreased by 9 percent

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Wilson Sporting Goods wanted to deliver experiential commerce to its customers and create a single global platform for all of its brand sites, which include ATEC, Louisville Slugger, and DeMarini.

Company Information

Wilson® Sporting Goods
2016 Acquia Engage Award Winner
Founded in 1913, the Wilson Sporting Goods family includes iconic brands such as Louisville Slugger, Demarini and Atec
1,600 Employees
Acquia Client since 2015
Success Enabled With
  • Acquia Cloud
  • Drupal and Magento Commerce Integration