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The University of Iowa

Acquia Engage Award 2016 Finalist

The University of Iowa


In response to a mandated cost savings program for the Iowa Board of Regents, the University of Iowa went in search of cost saving opportunities in web hosting, design, development, and innovation.


This project focused on the migration of over 650 Drupal 7 websites into 10 docroots on Acquia Cloud. The project was designed to optimize the web hosting environments across campus. Additionally, several digital signage solutions were consolidated into a enterprise-wide digital signage service based on Drupal.


  • Over 425 Drupal web sites were migrated to Acquia Cloud over a four week period
  • Three major campus organizations, as well as the entire UP Healthcare campus, chose to migrate to Drupal from other CMSs
  • The university was able to shut down over 80 servers (both clusters and virtual servers) that previously hosted their websites on-premise
  • Annual licensing renewals for digital signage solutions declined significantly, resulting in annual cost savings of $3,900
  • The University consolidated five digital signage services into one Drupal-based service
  • 31 colleges, divisions, and departments are on the new digital signage service

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The University of Iowa