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Oxford Said Business School, Annual Fund

Acquia Engage Award 2016 Finalist

Oxford Said Business School, Annual Fund

Partner: White October


The Oxford Said Business School has an incredibly active and loyal alumni network that is committed to supporting merit-based scholarships, development and lifelong learning. However, the Said Business School lacked the ability to engage with alumnus online. Said needed a custom site that would enable new fundraising campaigns to increase user engagement and donations.


On the Acquia platform, Said was able to begin prototyping a new site in just one week to create a new and engaging Annual Fund site. Said was able to quickly develop a new Annual Fund site based on a backend architecture that can be reused each year. Said uses a custom front end to implement new campaigns. With 24/7 Acquia Support, Said is able to mediate the traffic spikes prompted by the release of new fundraising campaigns.


Feedback from Said’s alumni network has been overwhelmingly positive. The institution is now equipped with detailed analytics surrounding each fundraising campaign that will influence the direction of future efforts.

Said Business School also realized:

  • 10 percent conversion rate of users entering the donation funnel
  • 1.9 percent conversation rate of user engagement, such as uploading a photo

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Oxford Said Business School, Annual Fund