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Northwell Health Looks to Open Source Future with Drupal and Acquia, Improves Patient Experience

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Northwell Health (formerly The North Shore-LIJ Health System) is the largest healthcare provider in New York State, and the 14th largest in the country. They serve 1.8 million people at 21 hospitals throughout the New York metropolitan area.

The Challenge

Their network of websites were running on different proprietary systems, which tied them to roadmaps that didn’t necessarily align with their business goals, and gave them little freedom or room for customization. In their old environment, any customizations or new features they’d need to build would bind them to the vendor that built them, tying Northwell Health into relationships they couldn’t sustain long-term.

They decided to explore a new open source platform that would take them away from “black box” code and would offer a much more flexible foundation. They sought a single platform to standardize both their existing and future websites, which could provide the capability to build a responsive site with modern features and the capacity to grow digitally as quickly as their business was growing.

The Solution

Northwell Health wanted to add a number of sites over time as they continued to expand, but couldn’t afford the expense of specific license fees for every new site they would need to build. They desperately needed the ability to move quickly both in terms of development, and building and launching new websites. Their team evaluated several different platforms before settling on Drupal as their new open source foundation.

With Drupal as the CMS of choice, Northwell Health enlisted Acquia to help with execution. They also brought in agencies Cooper to help design the user experience, and Melity and CenterTek to lend a hand on some portions of the migration, and teamed up with an Acquia Technical Account Manager (TAM) to work with their internal development team as they started to build.

With Acquia Cloud Enterprise (ACE), Northwell Health has been able to realign their internal resources, primarily allowing their development and design teams to refocus on new web applications and user experience design, and worry less about CMS maintenance and network. Over time, Acquia has enabled the Northwell Health team to build internal Drupal expertise, which has allowed them the freedom and autonomy they sought at the outset of their replatforming project.

The Results

Since replatforming with Drupal and building their new website, Northwell Health has experienced significant improvements in many key areas. Specifically attributed to Drupal and Acquia, Northwell Health has experienced an 80 percent cost reduction year over year. They’ve also been able to reduce development time for enhancements by 85 percent, with their developers now able to focus on custom application builds and more creative projects, instead of spending time on patches and basic page builds. Due to some major design and SEO changes, they’ve also experienced a 400 percent increase in appointment bookings via their new main website and call center, and a 30 percent increase in website traffic.

Northwell Health is now armed with a tool that allows them to build new sites quickly using a single CMS, and they are already looking ahead to implementing Drupal 8.

Since adopting Drupal and Acquia, we’ve experienced significant savings, both in developer time --which is now free to be spent working on custom application builds -- and in costs, which have been cut 85 percent year-over-year.
Emily Kagan
Associate Vice President, Digital Strategy at Northwell Health

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Largest healthcare provider in New York State
Serves 1.8 million people at 21 hospitals across the New York Metropolitan area
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