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National Climate Change Adaption Research Facility

Acquia Engage Award 2016 Finalist

National Climate Change Adaption Research Facility


CoastAdapt was commissioned by the Australian federal government and developed by the National Climate Change Adaption Research Facility to raise awareness in communities, including amongst students and schoolchildren, about the reality of climate change and sea-level rise, the associated risks, and need for action. To execute their mission, they needed a site to deliver readily-accessible, useful and comprehensible guidance and information, which is responsive to user feedback and focussed on user needs.


Many components of the Acquia Platform made CoastAdapt huge success. The Acquia Insight dashboard provided useful checks to ensure that the site met with Drupal best practices prior to launch. The workflow tools increased the teams’ ability to perform continuous development. Varnish caching system and Solr search engine allowed the team to focus on implementing more user-friendly features instead of configuring and optimising the cache and search engine components. Working closely with the Acquia team during the onboarding process enabled the team to identify some areas within the application that could have been affected by less common performance and security issues that are difficult to identify without the Drupal expertise that is available within Acquia.


In the first two weeks following our launch, 2,183 users used CoastAdapt to download 2636 maps and fact sheets. The second week saw 30% of traffic being return visitors, an indication that CoastAdapt has been of use to its stakeholders. And that’s not limited to Australia! With over 10% of traffic coming from overseas, the application is clearly of global interest. Within two weeks, CoastAdapt is being discussed in PhD studies, as an important mechanism for coastal managers, and there is strong interest from the education sector.

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National Climate Change Adaption Research Facility