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Kilroy Realty Corporation

Acquia Engage Award 2016 Finalist

Kilroy Realty Corporation

Partner: AKQA


Kilroy Realty Corporation set out to build a website that portrays a clear mission and vision that highlights Kilroy’s unique approach and capabilities. They strived for a progressive design and user experience that is reflective of their “Where Innovation Works” motto. New website needed a responsive framework that caters to to key user groups across all devices.


With assistance from Acquia and AKQA, Kilroy implemented the Acquia Platform as a foundation for a user-focused experience. With hosting and scalability included in the platform, effort to manage capacity planning and cross-functional requirements was kept to a minimum. Kilroy’s current site stands alone, but with flexible templates, a maintainable codebase, and Drupal’s ecosystem of modules, it’s highly extensible for the future.


  • Personality and culture of Kilroy Realty Corporation clearly visible in the design
  • Streamlined user experience by eliminating excess pages, adding animations and videos
  • Simplified and improved property search experience
  • Templatized, flexible layout that gives Kilroy’s clients full ability to update their site

Company Information

Kilroy Realty Corporation