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Acquia Engage Award 2016 Winner



Intralinks provides a cloud-based content collaboration network to help enterprises extend business processes and high value content across traditional organizational, corporate and geographical boundaries.

Isovera was tasked with supporting Intralink’s global website relaunch as part of a broader strategy that included a new go-to-market model and thought leadership framework. An aggressive timeline and requirement to support eight languages added to the project’s complexity. Updates were launched in phases and required careful planning to allow some legacy content and design to exist alongside the new.


Isovera leveraged the Drupal context module to accommodate a phased rollout of the site, debuting new menus and a new user interface with each launch. At the start of the project, Acquia configured additional cloud environments that allowed Isovera to demo new functionality to stakeholders and receive feedback as early as possible in the development process. It also allowed ongoing minor updates to proceed on the existing site while the refresh project was under way without any interruption. Pre-configured Varnish caching in Acquia Cloud ensured the site remained available during deployments.


In addition to a highly improved user experience, faster page loads, and increased ease of content management, Intralinks achieved a 22% Increase in user conversions and a 21% increase in Contact Sales form submissions.

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