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Acquia Engage Award 2016 Finalist



McNeil Consumer Healthcare - a division of Johnson & Johnson - wanted to help families demystify common symptoms by providing easy-to-follow solutions for quick and effective relief. To help them accomplish this, they sought to create a digital tool to help consumers identify and combat illnesses in their community.


McNeil worked with Mirum and Acquia to build a groundbreaking app. Using an algorithm that aggregates information from healthcare professionals and crowdsourced data streams, the mobile app is able to show what bugs are going around, common symptoms, and how to remedy illnesses. They built the app with the Acquia Platform, for its ability to scale to meet high demand.


  • The app has shown an 80 percent return rate since launch, with more than half of all users adding their own personal data
  • The app gets “smarter” the longer it’s in the market, so it’s growing more intelligent by the day
  • Users’ input of their own illness data and patterns fuels the predictive abilities of the app
  • The app has proven to be more accurate and relevant than a web search, and more personal than traditional healthcare websites

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