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Global Atlantic Financial Group

Acquia Engage Award 2016 Finalist

Global Atlantic Financial Group


Client-facing marketing websites were needed to showcase insurance-specific products. These sites had to be user-friendly, high-performing websites with business logic that appealed to potential customers’ needs.


Ameex Technologies redesigned the website, implemented multisite architecture, restructured various functionalities, and integrated several 3rd-party components. Ameex did this working with Acquia’s pre-built cloud hosting environment. This made it easier to implement new deployments, new site configurations, and continuous integration. Acquia’s automated site backup helped all the stakeholders to sleep peacefully.


  • Performance of the current website was improved, and maintenance costs were reduced.
  • By implementing reusable components that mimicked Global Atlantic’s existing sites, Ameex created new sites in a cost-efficient manner.

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Global Atlantic Financial Group