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Case Study: DocuSign

DocuSign Increases Site Conversions with Acquia Lift

Case Study: DocuSign

Docusign.com is the entryway into the world’s leading DTM and eSignature solutions.

As the global standard for Digital Transaction Management (DTM) and eSignature, DocuSign® is transforming how people do business. Three hundred thousand companies across 188 countries rely on DocuSign to send, sign and manage agreements digitally. DocuSign provides their customers with reliable and personalized solutions; they needed to ensure that their flagship website delivered the same experience. In order to provide their customers and prospects with the most engaging digital experience to date, DocuSign turned to Acquia and its Lift solution for personalization.

The Challenge

Docusign.com is the entryway into the world’s leading DTM and eSignature solutions. However, a disjointed digital platform prevented DocuSign from providing users with a personalized and state-of-the-art site experience. The company’s previous Content Management System (CMS) made it difficult for web marketing teams to author and edit content. The inability to seamlessly control DocuSign’s flagship site not only taxed internal teams, but established a stale user experience for site visitors.

A siloed architecture also prevented DocuSign from understanding how their users interacted with their site. Without the ability to push tailored user experiences to both customers and prospects, DocuSign had difficulty achieving website conversion targets. DocuSign required a digital platform that would not only streamline content management workflow, but could also provide the personalization capabilities necessary to increase site conversions and improve user engagement.

The Solution

Standardizing on Drupal

The first step in improving user engagement required a complete redesign of DocuSign’s flagship site. In partnership with digital agency, FFW, DocuSign worked to migrate docusign.com to Acquia Cloud and Drupal. FFW worked closely with DocuSign to improve site performance, enhance ease-of-use for content managers, and bring internal teams up to speed on Drupal best practices. By leveraging Drupal as a CMS, docusign.com is now equipped with multilingual capabilities and fully responsive design. With Acquia Cloud, DocuSign was able to unify all of their teams under one omnichannel platform that would make personalization easy, and syndicating content effortless.

Personalization as the Priority

DocuSign’s redesign of their public site established personalization as the priority. The goal of implementing personalization was to create a logical customer journey for all users, and to enable any visitor to easily find content that suits their needs and preferences. With content creation and distribution unified under one platform, DocuSign used Acquia Lift to elevate the user journey.

The road to personalization began by collecting content and behavioral data about site visitors. Acquia Lift collects data as it relates to the content metadata and taxonomies associated with a company’s Drupal sites. The Acquia Lift platform enabled DocuSign to establish audiences segments by connecting customer data throughout various channels. These audiences segments distinguish the size of a user’s business, industry, whether the user is new or returning, and whether the visitor is using a computer or mobile device.

With the ability to pinpoint audience segments, DocuSign was able to craft a new content strategy. Previously, DocuSign was practicing a “one size fits all” content strategy, however, internal teams understood that personalized content better performs with specified audiences. With Acquia Lift, DocuSign can utilize A/B Testing to determine what content and campaigns resonate with each audience segment. The ability to conduct A/B Testing allows DocuSign to develop a “test and learn” approach. Armed with the tools required to collect and analyze customer data, DocuSign can better refine their digital strategy to deliver results. To date, Docusign can now personalize 14 different content types within their Drupal CMS, including landing pages, customer testimonials, new releases, resources, events and more.

Acquia Cloud also enabled DocuSign to seamlessly integrate all of their preferred systems under one platform. This includes their account-based management technology, DemandBase. By detecting a user’s IP address, DocuSign’s Demandbase integration can determine audience segmentation. Acquia Lift then pushes the personalized banners and content that will be most valuable for that audience. For example, if an enterprise employee visits DocuSign’s flagship site, they will be presented with a banner and case studies on the homepage that are relevant to size of their business. DocuSign’s implementation of Acquia Lift and Demandbase creates a logical user journey that provides site visitors with the content and information that is right for their needs.

The Results

With Acquia Lift, DocuSign now has a unified digital platform that not only provides visitors with tailored experiences, but also drives user engagement and conversions. In only four months, DocuSign has witnessed an 89% percent increase in homepage engagement. Conversions rates have also risen significantly, as Docusign has witnessed a 60% click-through-rate for enterprise audiences and an 80% click-through-rate for mid-market audiences. These conversions include a user requesting free trial subscriptions, demos and contacts to sales.

DocuSign will continue to take advantage of the flexibility inherent to the Acquia Platform as they also plan to introduce an integration with Eloqua, their marketing automation platform. With Eloqua, DocuSign will be able to capture multiple components of the customer journey, including interactions on social media channels in addition to their Drupal properties. The Acquia Platform and Professional Services team enables any organization to leverage their prefered system and processes. In partnership with Acquia, DocuSign can continue to build, grow and manage digital experiences more rapidly and reliably.

"By leveraging the Acquia platform and changing our internal processes, DocuSign is now able to use the web site as a modern marketing channel, offering engaging personalized experiences to our customers. We are very pleased about the results obtained so far in terms of customer engagement and conversion, and are currently aggressively planning to extend the benefits to other scenarios and international markets."

- Alberto Viotto - Senior Director Web Marketing and Strategy

By leveraging the Acquia platform and changing our internal processes, DocuSign is now able to use the web site as a modern marketing channel, offering engaging personalized experiences to our customers.
Alberto Viotto, senior director of web marketing and strategy

Company Information

Founded in 2003, DocuSign is the leading Digital Transaction Management (DTM) company
Headquartered in San Francisco
Acquia client since 2015
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