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Curtiss-Wright Corporation

Acquia Engage Award 2016 Finalist

Curtiss-Wright Corporation


The overarching goal for developing this site was to build a best-in-class intranet platform that connects and empowers Curtiss-Wright’s 9,000-strong global workforce. Curtiss-Wright needed an intranet that aligned with its strategic “One Curtiss-Wright” vision, an organizational change to transform three technology-focused segments within the organization into six market-facing divisions, while integrating the company customer service, back office operations, and branding as never before.


Mediacurrent moved Curtiss-Wright off a collection of Sharepoint sites that lacked a central hub, which was making it more difficult for Curtiss-Wright to share key information as a single company. The new intranet was designed to run on a Drupal platform, based on host Acquia’s best practices in cloud security and scalability. The new Drupal/Acquia-based intranet was built to take advantage of Drupal’s extensive support network, backed by thousands of developers. Acquia and Drupal’s combined security strengths were leveraged to ensure that highly sensitive information was stored safely. Drupal’s intuitive WYSIWYG and flexible workflows were tapped to enable content editors to quickly publish company news, events, and resources across the intranet.


  • Curtiss-Wright is now among the 78 percent of companies that now run on open source software. The future development of the company’s intranet is no longer confined to a proprietary platform.
  • An interactive “Office Locations” map and reimagined employee directory present a clear, informative view of organizational structure.
  • A new, “mobile responsive” design makes the Curtiss-Wright intranet accessible globally to authorized employees; it loads optimally across modern mobile, tablet and desktop devices.
  • Features like forums and a wiki page invite collaboration among the Curtiss-Wright teams.

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Curtiss-Wright Corporation