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B2B Marketing

Acquia Engage Award 2016 Finalist

B2B Marketing


Partner Tincan led a digital transformation project for the entire B2B Marketing online offering. As a key lead generator, the new site had to create a seamless user experience for local markets, particularly in the US and the UK. A range of web services and organizational systems (for example Marketo and Dobeco) had to be integrated, custom e-commerce support deployed, and workflow had to be improved.


Tincan worked with B2B Marketing to map out business flow and numerous integrations covering content (via Drupal), e-commerce (via Drupal Commerce and SagePay as payment gateway), CRM (via Salesforce), marketing automation (via Marketo), training (via Dobeco platform), and events management (via AwardsForce and eTouches). Acquia's cloud platform was chosen to support the entire B2B offering. This allowed Tincan to run a robust development, testing, and release regime against a program of continuous development. It also set up the site for continued expansion in the future. Since the launch Tincan has continued to support and extend the B2B Marketing platform, helping to support the delivery of new products. The site now has a multilingual offering, targeted personalized content, improved SEO, and custom analytics. Building on the user experience, the team has given the user more control, handing them the ability to control and tailor site content, to manage their language and location settings, and to purchase products and services in multiple currencies.


  • An immediate 30 percent improvement in online sales conversions
  • A quadrupling of free registrations
  • The enhanced customer experience has caused bounce rates to drop from 70 percent to 35 percent
  • Page sessions increased 50 percent to 3 page views per session.

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B2B Marketing