Acquia Engage Award 2016 Finalist



AVERT was looking to do a complete website refresh with a new site launch. They needed to sort out hosting, web development, and optimization for their refreshed site. As one of the top 100,000 visited websites in the world, they needed a platform that would be scalable and could handle the high traffic levels.


AVERT picked the Acquia Platform to facilitate the launch and development of their new website. During the development phase they utilized Acquia Global Support for issues and challenges as they arose, and implemented Acquia Search as their search solution.


  • 1.64 second decrease in average page load time
  • Delivers an average of 32,263 sessions per day (since launch)
  • Delivers an average of 58,886 page views per day (since launch)
  • Decreased bounce rate by 15.48 percent
  • Application uptime is now at 99.95 percent

Company Information