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Avalere Health

Acquia Engage Award 2016 Finalist

Avalere Health


Avalere Health is a DC-based healthcare consulting firm specializing in strategy, policy and data analysis for life sciences, health plans and providers. Faced with rising competition and increased customer needs, Avalere needed to develop a new integrated members-only portal with advanced search capability allowing members to access both new and archived content from anywhere. In addition to meeting user needs, the new portal needed to collecting more user data and usage patterns on the back end allowing the team at Avalere to customize the content in the portal and inform renewal discussions with actual user data.


Avalere turned to Appnovation Technologies for the full design and build of the portal. The new portal starts with a one month free trial to drive interest and option. Once in, members can access new content, archived content and a variety of content formats including the innovative slide library. The workflows within the portal enable customers to work more efficiently, in turn improving sales and renewal rates. The single sign-on allows Alavere to monitor usage patterns and collect all of the desired data.

Appnovation built the portal on Acquia Cloud for its flexibility, continuous integration and deployment to different environments.


  • Provides its members access to a large database of artifacts (.doc, .pdf, .ppt) related to Policy 360 (flagship product)
  • Follows a common SDLC (software development lifecycle) process that adheres to industry best practices
  • Builds a rigorous, dependable, scalable and performant hosting infrastructure
  • Provides a uniform level of integration with all Avalere enterprise services

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Avalere Health