Acquia Lift

Acquia Lift

The only solution that brings together content and customer data from multiple sources to deliver data-driven personalized experiences.

Acquia Lift personalization software empowers organizations to deliver compelling one-to-one digital experiences

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Deliver Content In Context Throughout the Buyer's Journey

  • Consolidate content and customer data in a single solution to deliver real-time personalization across any device.
  • Exchange customer data with third-party systems such as CRM, marketing automation, and commerce for a complete profile.
  • Syndicate content from any source for contextualized experiences across channels

Personalize Across Any Platform

  • Deploy the only content personalization solution built for Drupal
  • Extend a seamless personalized experience across any set of digital platforms.
  • Capitalize on your existing technology investments without the need to replatform.

Increase Engagement, Conversion, and Customer Satisfaction

  • Begin the personalization journey with data collection to understand customer behaviors and interests.
  • Adaptively segment customers in real time to deliver customized experiences.
  • Provide relevant content to increase clicks, registrations and downloads.
  • Deliver personalized offers that increase purchase rates and values.

Build With Ease, Personalize With Power

  • Drag and drop content and personalization rules onto pages with an intuitive user interface.
  • Use quick javascript tag installation and flexible APIs to seamlessly integrate with relevant technologies.
  • Utilize cloud-based infrastructure for scale and ease of integration.

The only solution that connects content and customer data from multiple sources to deliver data-driven, personalized experiences across any channel or device.


Acquia Lift Features

  • lift-features-identity.png

    Customer Profile

    Get a single, comprehensive view of each anonymous and known visitor’s historical and real-time activity across sessions and devices. Can be purchased standalone.

  • Acquia Lift for Content Syndication

    Content Hub

    Aggregate, syndicate and discover content across a network of sites and channels, no matter the content source.
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  • lift-features-omnichannel.png

    Omnichannel Integration

    Create unified visitor profiles based on data from multiple sources and deliver relevant experiences across channels—web, email, social, mobile, and more.

  • lift-features-segmentation.png

    Real-time, Adaptive Segmentation

    Define visitor segments that adapt to changing behavior on the fly.

  • lift-features-testing.png

    Testing and Targeting

    Auto-personalize based on optimal results of A/B tests using content in your existing Drupal workflow.

  • lift-features-analyze.png

    Reporting and Analytics

    Turn insight into action with prebuilt and custom reports that visualize segments, A/B testing results, personalization goal progression, and more.

Gaining insight about our readers is a core part of how we can create a great experience for all. With Lift we're building better profiles of our customers and subscribers to deliver precisely the right content, and we more broadly track and observe visitor behavior to improve the experience for everyone and create new business and revenue opportunities for our organization.
Ingo Ruebe, CTO of Burda Magazine Holding AG.

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