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1-10 employees
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We build websites for communities to work, collaborate and create rich content. We customize online business management, database and human resource tools. We provide quick deployment solutions while helping you construct long-term website strategies. No matter the size of your project and budget, we can help you make the right choices.

We create online business tools that allow people in your organization to work virtually: safely and efficiently. We can integrate powerful Open Source tools with your existing website. We specialize in Custom Content (CCK), Views, Panels, Organic Groups, Audio and the Ubercart shopping cart. Our solutions are flexible, powerful and license-free.

We specialize in the "Virtual Office" where we create online business management, database, CRM and human resource tools that allow your organization to work wherever there is Internet.

Some of the Virtual Office tools we provide:
<li>members voting, polls and elections</li>
<li>event calendar and signups</li>
<li>online databases and libraries</li>
<li>employee timesheets</li>
<li>collaboration and information sharing</li>
<li>central storage or documents, project information, educational materials and templates</li>
<li>common, interactive calendars and event registration</li>
<li>job opportunities and classified ads</li>
<li>ability to embed multimedia (i.e. images and videos)</li>
<li>integration with existing social media websites (i.e. facebook)</li>
<li>CIVICRM Customizations and Database imports (SEO)</li>
<li>Search Engine Optimization (SEO)</li>

We can provide your database with a drupal database and server setup, website configuration and a professional, compliant theme.

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For online merchants, we can create an entire online shop, catalog or just a
shopping cart. Our cart system offers a variety of options for shipping, payment and customer information collection. We can create an entire website, or just add a shopping cart. We can integrate an existing ecommerce system (paypal, google checkout, etc...) or add flexible payment options. We can build donation links and forms.

<img src="http://acquia.com/files/villageinternet-favicon.png" align="right" hspace="10px">Village Internet has been in the Internet business since 1996 and we have the tools to help you build a website and promote your business or ideas. No matter the size of your project and budget, we can help you make the right choices.